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Article for the week of September 9, 2007


Spiritual Health

We live in a world today in which it is commonplace for us - as we age - to have annual health check-ups.  The purpose?  To detect health problems early on, so that treatment may be possible for them before they become severe or untreatable.

Wouldn't it be wise to put this much care into our spiritual lives?

Christ warns of the dangers of false teachers in the sermon on the mount (Matt 7:15-20).  He compares them to wolves in sheep's clothing.

Paul speaks of self-examination (I Cor 9:27) and constant need to exersize spiritual control.

In Revelation chapters 1 and 2, John records Christ's critique of the 7 churches of Asia.  Five of the churches (Ephesus, Pergamas, Thyatira, Sardis, and Laodocia) were found to have spiritually fatal problems that needed to be repented of.  Only two (Smyrna and Philiadelphia) were found to be faithful and spiritually healthy.

These verses show us that (1). we must be careful of things we hear and are taught.  We must always compare them to God's word for authenticity. (2). As individual Christians, we apply God's word to ourselves FIRST.  That way we may be strong enough to then teach others (see also Matt 7:3-5).  (3). As a congregation, we must be sure that the things we do, the way we worship, the things we teach, and the way we conduct ourselves in the assembly (and out) are in accordance with God's word.

If we take these precautions, then we can stay healthy both spiritually as well as physically.


 - David Wait
Gravel Hill church of Christ


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